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About Gender Equity Committee

Establishment of Gender Equity Committee is in order to promote substantive gender
equality, eliminate gender discrimination, uphold human dignity, and improve and
establish education resources and environment of gender equality.

Our tasks include:

  1. 1.Integrate related resources in various departments of the school, propose the projects
       of gender equity education, execute the proposals, and examine the results of the projects.
  2. 2.Plan and execute the activities related to gender equity for students, staff, faculty,
       and parents.
  3. 3.Promote, develop, perform, and evaluate the courses of gender equity education.
  4. 4.Propose and implement regulations on gender equity, prevent the occurrence of sexual assault
       and sexual harassment in campus as well as establish the mechanism to coordinate and
       integrate related resources.
  5. 5.Establish a safe and gender-fair campus.
  6. 6.Promote gender equity in family education and social education at community level.
  7. 7.Investigate and handle cases pertinent to Gender Equity Education Act.
  8. 8.Accept appeal and handle cases of sexual harassment pertinent to the Act of Gender Equality
       in Employment
  9. 9.Accept appeal and handle cases of sexual harassment pertinent to Sexual Harassment
       Prevention Act.
  10. 10.Other matters related to gender equity at school or community level.


Appeal for the related cased of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or
bullying incident in campus

Scope of the appeal

  1. 1.Sexual assault: Any sexual offense defined by the Sexual Assault Prevention Act.
  2. 2.Sexual harassment: Cases described by the following and do not reach the level of
       sexual assaults:

       (1) Unwelcome remarks or conducts that carry explicitly or implicitly a sexual
    or gender
           discriminating and thereby adversely affect the other party’s human
    dignity, or hinder 
           the performance of her or his learning or work.

       (2) A conduct of sexual or gendered nature that is served as the purpose for
           or others to gain or lose rights or interests in learning or work.
  3. 3.Sexual bullying: Ridicule, attack, or threat directly at another person’s gender
       characteristics, gender temperaments, sexual orientation, or gender identity by verbal,
       physical or other forms is under the category of sexual bullying not sexual harassment.
  4. 4.Sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual bullying in campus: Any case of sexual
       assault, sexual harassment, or sexual bullying that involves a school’s president,
       faculty, staff, or student as one party and a student as the other party.

Procedures of appeal

How to appeal

  • 1.Download and fill in the form, then send it to the email account of the Gender
       Equity Education Committee.

   Appeal for campus sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual bullying incident
   in National Kaohsiung Marine University(Download)

  • 2.Go to the Office of Secretariat on the 3rd Floor of Administration Building, a staff
       will assist filling the form.

What’s the procedure when the appeal is received

  1. 1.After receiving the appeal, the case shall be sent to the Gender Equity Education
       Committee within three days to decide the case of this appeal
    shall be established
       or not.
  2. 2.Whether the case of the appeal has been established or not, a written notification
       shall be sent to appellant within twenty days after receiving the
  3. 3.After the case has been established, Gender Equity Education Committee shall
       conduct an investigation based on the regulations
  4. 4.All investigations are conducted in confidential, just, and objective manners.



Contact informaiton

  • Contact center: Office of Secretariat-Ms. Liao, Min-Yi.
  • SiteAdministration Building 3F
  • Tel07-3617141 ext. 2012
  • Fax07-3628844
  • E-mailminyi@webmail.nkmu.edu.tw